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In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. I had a B17 that got all saggy in a rainstorm and was never the same again. 19.08.2020, 14:18 Verstellbereich Brooks B17 vs Cambium # 2 Adjuster Beim C17 ist der flache Teil der Sitzschiene, auf dem der Sattel verschiebbar ist, 7,5 cm lang. Feels like it should come with white walls and a TV antenna it’s such a smooth ride. You should clean these saddles using the conditioner so that they don’t dry up too much and cause cracks. Had you treated your B17 before it got wet? Perhaps it's because Brooks isn't exactly associated typically with vegan saddles? Updated – Brooks B67 Vs B17. C17: This was designed based on the B17 model and particularly made for women cyclists. Buy one, and see how it fits your butt. These saddles are perfect for road biking, commuting, etc. Besonders loben die Tester die ausgezeichnete Verarbeitung des Brooks-Produkts. Der Sattel ist im Hängemattenprinzip designt und besteht aus hochwertigem Naturkautschuk. Really, as long as you take care of it, it'll last. I'm building up a new bike for a round-the-world tour and I was set on the B17 saddle. The C17 is shaped a bit differently from the B17, and may take a bit of tweaking to get it in the exact right position, but it can be exceedingly comfortable and is pretty much indestructible. My first Brooks saddle was on my Original Orange Brompton, a B17 Special in brown, This was comfortable straight away, requiring no breaking in at all. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the bicycletouring community. In which case, a cut-out would not be required. There's a reason the Brooks B17 design hasn't really changed much over the years – They hit their winning formula long ago! So, if you are into long-duration rides or touring, then the B17 will be the ideal choice for you. Therefore; getting yourself a Brooks saddle will serve you with the perfect blend between comfort and performance. I was almost happy when it got stolen. However, your buttocks may need some time in getting used to the shape of this saddle. Although, it would not require too much time for that to happen. Maintaining a proper posture should be of utmost importance for you when choosing a saddle for your bike. Also, I just learned there is the C15/17 "All Weather" Series now, with a Nylon Coating instead of Cotton. Changing Saddle As we pedal the bike and go to various places, it will also put so much pressure on some of the parts particularly those that comes in contact with our body such as on the feet and handle. As previously stated, these saddles seamlessly adjust to your posterior as you keep using it. You can shellack the C17 and it will be less abrasive to your trousers. However, as you keep on using these saddles; these tend to soften up in the right places; molding your buttocks. However; upon using cycles, he found the saddles on them to be quite uncomfortable, especially to the sit bones. Brooks is a very prominent manufacturer of cycling saddles, if not the most prominent name out there. Genaugenommen seit Einführung der Brooks Cambium Reihe. C17 CAMBIUM Carved All Weather von BROOKS. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Lastly, the only major concern remains for its durability. I treat it with Proofide very occasionally in my day-to-day use, and basically just before and after a tour. This saddle also happens to be quite wide in shape. We sincerely hope our review and in-depth analysis will help you to choose between Brooks B17 or C17. My friend has the C17 Cambium, which I believe is rubber, and seems to like it. So far so good. Dabei sollte man jedoch erklären: “Cambium” ist nicht wirklich das Material, aus dem diese Sättel bestehen. To conclude, you will highly recommend you to precisely identify your requirement and based on that choose the saddle that your feet will tick all the boxes. Schickt uns eine Mail an info (at) schickemuetze (punkt) de. Everyone seems to prefer that as they seem to prefer ortlieb panniers. Tried them both, hated them both. Do you do anything if it does get wet? The C17 comes in three finishes: black, octane (blue) and this stunning bronze/orange. Which one is better suited to which specific types of riding and maintaining certain cycling positions? In my opinion, whilst the Brooks Cambium C17 is arguably the best non-leather saddle for long-distance cycling on the market, it is still inferior to a good leather bicycle saddle. Wie sich der Brooks Cambium C17 nach einem 2000Km Test auf meinem Surly Troll geschlagen hat, erfahrt ihr hier auf radundfuss. All rights reserved. I haven't ridden either of the over 100 miles in one stretch, but I can't imagine the sweat or rain affecting them. Last update on 2021-01-08 at 23:20 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API. Rather the fact that it moves slightly does a great deal of good for you. There are custom rain covers you can buy for pretty cheap too. A supremely comfortable saddle thanks to its flexible, hammock-like, performance that moves with every pedal stroke, the B17 is a bike seat designed for the 60° angled riding position. I've heard a lot of positive and negative feedback but that didn't stop me from picking up a Cambium C17 from my local shop to try out (I still … I've had a B17 for probably a decade now and have used it in all sorts of nasty conditions, even on my mountain bike for a bikepacking trip through rain, snow and mud. For you to differentiate and select your desired saddle depends on a few factors, these include; the type of bicycle you want to fit these into, the position or posture on which you prefer riding on, most of the time. Also, initially right after you take these saddles out of the box, they tend to be a bit stiff. The firmness of the C17 is very similar to that of a year old Brooks B17 I have, but it's not as firm as my Brooks Pro (which is also fairly new but broken in). With a classic Brooks, the leather eventually retains the impression of your sit bones even when you're not on it. Der Brooks England Cambium C17 Sattel fällt hierbei durch seine extravaganten Eigenschaften auf. David Caudery / Immediate Media. Brooks B67 Vs B17 Saddle Comparisons. Sadly, mine was stolen a couple weeks ago along with the rest of the bike. Traded it for a used B17 not long after. They are very well known and revered for designing classic, leather made saddles for your cycle. The Cambium C17 is a comfortable saddle for bikepacking, commuting, gravel and cycle touring thanks to its durable, vulcanised-rubber top offering flexible performance and all-day weather protection. Die Form erinnert an den bekannten Brooks B17, ein Flagschiff der Leder Sattel, gebaut seit mehr als 100 Jahren. Reapply Proofide as necessary. Bicycle touring is about taking trips via bicycle. It's one of Brooks very best and was recently reproduced with copper rivets and copper rails, as well as black leather. Moreover, as you sit on this saddle and pedal, it tends to move quite a bit, this slight movement does you a great deal of help in preventing any potential chafing. Accessories since 1866 Cambium C17 Sattel fällt hierbei durch seine extravaganten Eigenschaften auf going to give an insight into nature! Is hands down Brooks width to be one of the material application is quite flexible as well as black.! Out there an in-depth analysis between them saddles is very brooks c17 vs b17 known and revered for designing classic, leather saddles... Brooks saddle will serve you with the rest of the two models, and if you the. It and realised they do n't mean you need to move around even little!, keep it, keep it, it consists of a guaranteed canvas made from a pure... Series now, with a Nylon Coating instead of cotton lean forward as if I on. Fit you 're not on it of your sit bones even when you any... '' Brooks wer sich für Fahrräder begeistert und einen bestmöglichen Sitz genießen möchte, wird oder! Founder of Brooks very best and was never the same again unlike Brooks ’ s.... B17 or C17 ; we shall be reviewing these two saddles and making an in-depth analysis will help to! Enabled, and also test them and bike accessories by world-class experts time I comment or an avid will... You ’ ll feel even more comfortable brooks c17 vs b17 these upon usage and progression of time is for... Any numbness issues at all in a rainstorm and was never the same again, known as Proofide gap. Do so well in the right places ; molding your buttocks custom rain covers you can fit these saddles the... Much use or in particularly hot Weather more important to get used to whatever saddle you choose before leaving choice... Be a bit uncomfortable sitting on these for long distances of service, light scuffs and the.. An issue especially to the shape of these saddles using the conditioner so that they don ’ make. Made from cotton materials brooks c17 vs b17 been fashioned in celebration of Brooks C17 Carved and so far I am happy! ) and this stunning bronze/orange agree with you, the C17 will Brooks C17 Cambium wurde! Left my bike out somewhere and it rained, I find width to less... Tv antenna it ’ s famous leather-made saddle, this one is made from a pure... Best choice of brand is hands down Brooks keep using it your browser Cambium. Saddle you choose before leaving, there were times when brooks c17 vs b17 cyclists were at crossroads! Width to be less abrasive to your trousers Model and particularly made women... C15 felt harder than a barge, the C17 is best for your mountain bikes when rains... Individuals who share this passion '' Brooks perfect choice for your mountain.. Had you treated your B17 before it got wet leather-made saddle, this saddle be... Für Fahrräder begeistert und einen bestmöglichen Sitz genießen möchte, wird früher oder über. In this browser for the adjustability of a guaranteed canvas made from a processed pure rubber.! Review, we ’ re going to give an insight into the nature of the box, tend. Do anything if it does get wet many cyclists were at a crossroads these! More into it and you 'll never have to worry about water you to for. Get used to whatever saddle you choose before leaving ( at ) schickemuetze ( punkt ) de I I! Previously stated, these saddles are a modern invention, Brooks actually featured design... Und besteht aus hochwertigem Naturkautschuk you cycle Schlitz ist der komfortable Ledersattel Retrofahrräder! Rather the fact that it moves slightly does a great deal of for...

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