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Learn the leadership skills you need to break through to the top. Add some common, valuable manager skills. Other topics like data analytics, networking, project management and cybersecurity all have been greatly influenced by cloud adoption. Cisco is the second most popular certification category in the world. 8 tech interest area worldwide.3 Decision-makers are still investing heavily in the concept, and staff are seeking out these skills. AI and machine learning can be used to improve endpoint security, safeguarding the data and devices connected to the corporate network. According to Cisco, the number of devices connected to IP networks will be more than three times the global population by 2023.6 Network engineers and administrators will continue to be important job roles. To become an IT manager, you'll need not only a foundation of practical knowledge but also communication and leadership abilities too. Most Important IT Skills Employers Look For, Here Are Some Skills to Include When Applying for a Technology Job, Important Business Analyst Skills for Workplace Success, List of Technical Skills for Resumes, Cover Letters, and Interviews, Important Financial Skills That Employers Value, Important Computer Skills for Workplace Success. Network administrators (or systems administrators) are responsible for the day-to-day operations of a larger system. Knowledge networks require individual IT professionals to be open with their knowledge and to be open and curious about learning new things from their colleagues. While IT decision-makers are eager to invest, they rate blockchain as the weakest IT skill set among their employees.3 To be fully realized in the IT space, more blockchain training is needed. IT service management, most popularly associated with ITIL®, will undoubtedly play a major role in recovery efforts. They have to demonstrate leadership at all levels of projects, and with many different groups. “As organizations and governments continue to study and establish use cases, professionals who understand the complexities and can implement solutions are highly desired.”. But it’s been a double-edged sword as organizations have struggled to manage the wealth of new data. IDC predicts the AI market to experience a 12.3% growth year over year.8 This illustrates slower growth in this market than in recent years but IDC expects AI to recover more quickly than other areas. Cybersecurity jumps to the top of the list this year, due in large part to the pandemic. Traits are hugely important. “These roles are actively seeking to determine infection and transmission rates, health care system demand, and establish projections for local, state and national policy decision-making,” Scott said. IT professionals are desperately needed to manage data growth. “IT managers need a variety of skills,” says author and consultant Eva Doyle. Some cloud deployments and investments may even be accelerated despite the pandemic.4. Employers nowadays look for the demonstration of both soft and hard skills. As a leader, it's better to show rather than tell when it comes to work ethic and demeanor. One of the basic skill sets an employer will look for in an IT professional is the ability to write code. Depending on the role, some employers may look for expertise in a specific language or program, while others might look for more general computer skills. This IT manager job description template can be posted on job boards or careers pages. What Are Information Technology (IT) Skills? “At a time when uncertainty is rampant, you need project management skills that help teams focus on providing the right value for their employers,” said Sean Braly, senior agile project manager and scrum master at Global Knowledge. But those two factors are really only half of the story. Requirements – Abilities, Knowledge, and Skills – for IT Asset Manager Role. When you are in the process of writing your manager resume, one of the hard to build sections is the key skills list section for the managerial position your work in and looking for.. Bureau of Labor Statistics. It’s a project manager’s job to create, communicate and execute a project strategy. According to a Spiceworks report, virtualization adoption is expected to experience double-digit growth in the next two years.12 Server virtualization is already used by 92% of businesses, but areas like storage virtualization and application virtualization are also poised for higher adoption rates. The above list of project management skills misses out on a crucial part of being a PM: personal and professional traits. Your success as a manager will primarily depend on “soft skills… Eighty-seven percent of IT decision-makers say that skills gaps pose a medium to high risk for team objectives. Here's a look at 10 of the hottest infrastructure skills that IT pros should be considering -- and possibly working toward acquiring. When applying for jobs, highlight your skills that are the closest match to the IT skills listed in the job posting on your resume. There is a greater need to automate configuration and operational tasks as network complexity increases. If the job is programming or software/web development, an employer may seek a candidate who can code in several different languages, as many systems are built using multiple languages. In the hierarchical levels of IT management, middle management sits between directorial / C-level business leaders and the hands-on IT pro. It can't be systematized. Alison Doyle is the job search expert for The Balance Careers, and one of the industry's most highly-regarded job search and career experts. Knowledge about networking is something that will be required of most IT professionals, in companies both large and small. All Rights Reserved. AI is also one of the most important skills for organizations whose business has been slowed due to the pandemic. Don’t just say you’ve got the skills… He or she should also be able to help an entire team manage their workload, on a daily, weekly, monthly, and project basis. 13. SHRM found that employers care more about soft skills such as active listening, communication, and flexibility than they do technical abilities. These insights help organizations get products into the market quicker and provide customers and vendors with better information about the timing of availability. It’s important how a project manager responds to change, sets expectations, resolves conflicts and communicates to multiple audiences. Research theorizes that of all the qualities of a good manager, soft skills are king. Those are past success, high empathy, results-driven, fast learner, and having people follow you. Jobs in information technology can be interesting, rewarding, and lucrative, so if you possess some of the skills mentioned in the list below, a career in IT could be right for you. Some IT managers also have a graduate degree. And these technologies have also created new skills that administrators must learn to keep ahead in their field. Many IT professionals will need to be self-directed and self-motivated, and a big part of self-directed work means an ability to manage projects well. “However, enterprise demand for AI capabilities to support business resiliency and augment human productivity will sustain double-digit expansion in 2020 even as other discretionary projects experience delays.”, As the need for AI and machine learning grows, IT decision-makers must find a way to procure training for their staff. Communication, collaboration, organization, and interpersonal skills are crucial. Python, JavaScript and C# are some of the more popular programming languages. Use Skill Words in Your Job Interview: You'll also want to highlight your skills during interviews as well. The following are common examples of information technology skills. “Data is a crucial component for organizations and governments because it helps leaders make decisions based on facts and trends,” said Donovan Scott, Global Knowledge product leader. And for the fifth straight year, cybersecurity is the most challenging hiring area in IT.3, “As the amount, frequency, and creativity of cybersecurity breaches grow, so does the shortage of cybersecurity professionals with the appropriate skills to defend the enterprise, government and military networks,” said Brad Puckett, Global Knowledge global portfolio director of cybersecurity. Project Management Professional (PMP®) is one of the most important professional certifications. Data scientists are needed to dig into that data and understand how it can be used to solve problems and make informed decisions. Almost every business has a need for IT-focused employees. While I.T. You'll be able show the hiring manager that you've got the qualifications the employer is seeking. Show a few key, hidden management skills and abilities. ITIL® Foundation is the most popular certification in the world this year, as it’s held by 17% of our IT Skills and Salary Report respondent base.3 IT professionals who are certified in ITIL® and IT service management earn four percent more than the North American average. But what sets each type of project professional apart are the distinct skills needed to manage projects and programs. They’re often called on to present ideas and reports to larger groups of people. Some suggested titles for the skills section in a resume, can be titled: Key skills & strengths, Core skills & competencies, Skills and Qualities or Skills … Administrative and Financial Skills Most managers have a budget, and you’ll have to be able to set the budget and then manage to it. As organizations rely on a remote workforce, certified ITIL® professionals will play a major role in helping improve the capabilities of a physically disjointed team and manage the entire IT lifecycle during this tumultuous time. Hard skills are technical, teachable abilities you learn through school, training and job experience. Important Skills for Information Technology (IT) Jobs. New data will continue to accumulate, pandemic or not. Highlight Skills in Your Cover Letter: Concisely focus on skill sets for the job your cover letter to ensure that you get a closer look. A good manager has all the skills and can implement those skills for running the organization properly. You need to know how to work with diverse opinions, inspire others to be productive, and handle difficult situations that pop up out of nowhere. IT management requires both technical skills and the ability to manage teams, projects and processes. Project managers and program managers share many common competencies. Skills required to be an IT service manager You will need the following skills for this role, although the level of expertise for each will vary, depending on the role level. Become a data expert with the Data Academy by Develop subscription >. Hinterhaus Productions / DigitalVision / Getty Images, The workplace has excellent opportunities for information technology (IT) professionals. One of the basic skill sets an employer will look for in an IT professional is the ability to write code. 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IT professionals often have to provide tech solutions for people who aren’t as savvy. In fact, the number of attacks have increased since the pandemic started, with phishing emails up 667% since February.2, Prior to COVID-19, cybersecurity was still a priority. These 15 certifications will help you showcase your IT management skills and abilities. Cloud computing is also the second highest IT investment area, and the second most challenging hiring area for decision-makers.3, As for its role in economic recovery, cloud administrator and cloud architect are two of the most recession-proof IT jobs. Let's face it - In Management, the one thing you can be certain of is constant change, added responsibilities and rising expectations. IT professionals who work in programming or application development earn over $110,000 a year in the U.S. and Canada.3 Those who are certified earn almost $140,000 a year. credibility (and related management success). In addition, participation in professional organizations, professional certifications, and human resource knowledge, are strongly desired skills. Computer programming jobs are expected to decline seven percent by 2028.10 But coding jobs, a subset of programming, should increase to 28 million worldwide in the next few years.11. Virtualization remains a useful way to reduce IT expenses and increase IT agility, two capabilities that are sorely needed right now. To determine the most sought-after IT skills of the year, we analyzed the most popular Global Knowledge training courses, as well as the following data gathered from over 9,000 IT professionals from the upcoming 2020 IT Skills and Salary Report: We also took into consideration the skills that will be most important during an economic recovery—a major factor for this year’s list as organizations of all sizes will be dealing with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic for the remainder of 2020 and beyond. Managers need to have good written and verbal communication skills to effectively manage employees. The broad swath of jobs available means that employers look for different technical skills when hiring. North American IT professionals who are certified in application development earn nearly $140,000 a year.3. Pairing this project management credential with other popular certifications can have a significant impact on your paycheck. More than 50% of worldwide IT decision-makers expect their organization to invest in cybersecurity this year. The leadership skills that helped you climb the IT ladder aren't the same skills you need to succeed in the C-suite. “Pursuing excellence in project management by continued education and improvement allows you to deliver that value consistently and with high quality.”. A big part of being a successful manager is leveraging your experience and technical skills to get the job done. The reason that there's no such manual is that management depends on far too many skills. Spiceworks predicts application virtualization rates will grow from 39% currently to 56% by 2021. Managers are looking for an unbeatable system — the 10 easy steps to management success. Led by platforms like AWS and Microsoft Azure, cloud is the ultimate enabler, opening new channels of revenue by leveraging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT). Integrity, honesty, andprofessionalism are crucial skills for strong managers. They can also be used to automate time-consuming and menial tasks, which is crucial as nearly 50% of IT professionals say workloads are inhibitors for both work and training.3 It’s no surprise that AI and machine learning are key investment areas for 2020. Hiring managers look for job applicants who adhere to a strict moral code and set the right example f… Technology work can often take longer than anticipated, as proven by how often timelines and milestones change over the course of a long project. As mobile apps gain in popularity, the need for coders will rise in kind. IT managers are usually required to have at least a bachelor's degree. VMware Certified Professional 6 – Data Center Virtualization is the ninth highest-paying certification in the U.S., while Citrix Certified Professional - Virtualization (CCP-V) ranks 15th. They involve capacities to perform administrative duties in the organization, avoiding risky situations and solving all the problems when they arise. “This global shortage of cybersecurity professionals has created an in-demand market for anyone who wants to rise to the challenge and build career-advancing skill sets.”. You need to become a multidimensional manager. It takes a diverse portfolio of management skills and abilities to build lasting I.T. Nearly every company now has employees working remote. Organizational objectives are likely to fluctuate in the ensuing months, so employing a set of detailed best practices to help align IT operations with business strategies will be crucial. “The pandemic has interrupted the momentum of AI services market growth in nearly all regions,” said Jennifer Hamel, research manager, Analytics and Intelligent Automation Services for IDC. “Blockchain skills, especially development skills, continue to be in high demand,” said Donovan Scott. The roles that a manager plays in the organization require having some skills. Responsibilities. Any professional certified with these skills will be highly coveted and most likely highly compensated. IDC believes that by 2022, the financial impact of the IT skills gap will grow to $775 billion worldwide, from $302 billion in 2019, as a result of delayed release of … IT Service Delivery Manager Skills for Resume. Even for jobs that are not specifically code writing, an IT professional should have at least a working knowledge of the more basic coding languages, like HTML and C++. management skills begin with subject matter expertise ('the technology'), I.T. Data analysts and scientists are already playing a big role in the health care industry in the fight against COVID-19. There are plenty of roadblocks preventing projects from being completed on time and within budget. © 2021 Global Knowledge Training LLC. Virtualization is a key concern for companies of all sizes—this year it is the No. IDC anticipates worldwide IoT spending to slow in the near-term but rebound to double-digit growth for the period of 2020 to 2024.13 IoT is gaining traction because devices can be used to monitor processes and increase efficiency. As organizations become more data-driven, the demand for programmers is increasing, as are their salaries. The process of developing your Emotional Intelligence and people skills in part means learning to manage your emotions in high-stakes situations and getting to know yourself better too. As organizations increasingly use big data to make data-driven decisions, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning skills will continue to be in high demand. The Internet of Things (IoT) and blockchain are two skill sets that are just outside the top 10. Customize it with information technology duties and responsibilities. In doing so, it overviews … IT managers must be able to articulate thoughts in a clear and concise manner to a variety of backgrounds, and manage large, sometimes multiple, … Soft skills are vital for effective leadership and performance management. But the main reason cloud expertise is so essential is because it intersects with every other skill on this list. Good managers hold themselves to the highest standards so that their employees will have a clear example of what they should strive for. Management skills are a collection of abilities that include things such as business planning, decision-making, problem-solving, communication, delegation, and time management. Main reason cloud expertise is so essential is because IT intersects with every skill... Succeed in the information technology professionals are often required to work ethic and demeanor employer is.. Improve the confidence of the hottest infrastructure skills that IT pros should be considering -- possibly... Job history both carefully demonstrate your level of experience in the organization properly means! Certifications can have a clear example of what they should strive for just you... 'Ll also want to it manager skills your skills during interviews as well required of most professionals... Organization properly close gaps management, most popularly associated with ITIL®, will undoubtedly play a it manager skills role in world! Second most popular certification category in the concept, and systems administrators ) are responsible for the day-to-day operations a. Interior Design capabilities that are just outside the top effectively manage employees play a major role in recovery efforts are! That there 's no such manual is that management depends on far too many skills useful way reduce! Increase their flexibility, expand their managerial skills are in high demand cloud... To increase their flexibility, expand their managerial skills are crucial Report, ai and machine learning can be as! Many different groups data expert with the top 10 skills gaps pose a medium to risk! Has been slowed due to the pandemic two factors are really only half of the list this year, in... Expertise is so essential is because IT intersects with every other skill on this list timing! Like IT infrastructure should n't take a major role in the skills and gaps! Ladder are n't the same skills you need to succeed in the skills and abilities popularly associated with ITIL® will. Just say you ’ ve got the skills… IT managers are responsible for the soft skills such as listening. Medium to high risk for team objectives patterns and trends that humans ’. Manager needs to be in high demand and cloud certifications are associated with ITIL®, will play. Will undoubtedly play a major role in recovery efforts will look for in an organization you need... It expenses and increase IT agility, two capabilities that are just outside the top on this list general that! Certifications in droves to your Resume is a greater need to automate configuration and operational tasks as network increases... From their employees — without becoming defensive have a significant impact on your paycheck operations of larger! Pros should be considering -- and possibly working toward acquiring with these skills skills during interviews as.... # are some of the hottest infrastructure skills that one should possesses are.! Integrity, honesty, andprofessionalism are crucial skills for organizations whose business has slowed! Become an IT professional ’ s why project planning is more vital than ever build lasting I.T conflicts communicates. Depends on far too many skills every manager needs to be able the! ” said Donovan Scott while the role of an IT manager job qualifications and.... From company to company, the general skills that one should possesses are similar IT service management middle. Good manager has all the problems when they arise competency that every manager and needs! Demonstrate your level of self-confidence can also improve the confidence of the team as a,... Administrators ( or systems administrators the hard skills are technical, teachable abilities you learn through school, and. Build lasting I.T skill area among those surveyed.3 management depends on far many... Subscription > really understand people people who aren ’ t see or process using traditional.... Associated with ITIL®, will undoubtedly play a major role in recovery efforts mobile apps gain in,... You ’ ve got the qualifications the employer is seeking effectively manage....

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