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The Confederates used every effort to hold the position and all Sherman's efforts were made in vain. It is needless to add that, under the overpowering influence of these vain imaginations, the earnest moral teachings of Gotama became more and more hidden from view. For 45 minutes we hung completely stationary in mid-water, hoping in vain for the shoal to come near. A vain attempt being made in Demerara to conceal from the knowledge of the slaves the arrival of the order in council, they became impressed with the idea that they had been set free, and accordingly refused to work, and, compulsion being resorted to, offered resistance. Las Casas has drawn a terrible picture of the oppression he strove in vain to prevent. It cannot be sufficiently emphasized that revolution is in vain unless inspired by its ultimate ideal. jumble sales ' record racks have all been scoured, but so far in vain. Absolution was refused by them to those who would not join in the Guise rebellion, and Acquaviva is said to have tried to stop them, but in vain. What is vain in a sentence? In Vain Meaning in Hindi In Vain meaning in Hindi is Muft Hi. It denied his right to levy certain war taxes, and when it had in vain protested to him against his arbitrary measures it sent a petition, in 1644, to the States-General for his recall, and this was granted. 12.5); and hence it was in vain that on the arrival of Helen she prophesied the ruin of Troy. How To Use Cunning In A Sentence? 3. Berenice, who was fulfilling a Nazarite vow, interposed in vain. In 1570 he supplicated in vain for the degree of B.A., and although a renewed application was granted in 1573 it is doubtful if he ever took a degree; and in 1571 he went to London and devoted himself to antiquarian studies, for which he had already acquired a taste. In vain the French emperor, within eight days of his entry into Moscow, wrote to the tsar a letter, which was one long cry of distress, revealing the desperate straits of the Grand Army, and appealed to " any remnant of his former sentiments.". C. Breckinridge with Bragg's right attempting in vain to displace Crittenden's division on high ground above the river. Examples of vain in a sentence, how to use it. He looked intently and inquiringly into his friend's eyes, evidently trying in vain to find the answer to some question. He was grave and gay, affable and dignified, cruel and gentle, mean and generous, eager for fame yet not vain, impulsive and cautious, secretive and open. : to use (a name, especially the name of God) in a way that does not show proper respect (humorous) Were you talking about me? Examples of Vain in a sentence. (See Hungary: History.) Now all this might sound quite vain and you'd be half right. However, you need to apply proper grammar rules in any sentence. Baron de Henouville, unsuccessfully attempted "to reduce the base of alum" to a metal, and shortly afterwards various other investigators essayed the problem in vain. Feuerbach labours under the same difficulty as Fichte; both thinkers strive in vain to reconcile the religious consciousness with subjectivism. Synonyms: uselessly, to no avail, unsuccessfully, fruitlessly More Synonyms of in … Example sentences with the word “vain”. Of monarchy he speaks with a genuine Ronan hatred, and we know that in the last days of the republic his sympathies were wholly with those who strove in vain to save it. He had sought rest for his awakened soul in vain, even in Jerusalem at their solemn feasts. Noske appealed in vain to the troops in Berlin to resist the occupation of the capital by the forces which Liittwitz led from the camp at Doberitz. Vain example sentences, listen the pronunciation, easily copy & paste. 's will in 1483, and the story of the future Richard III., while preparing Morton's arrest, joking with him about the strawberries the bishop grew in his garden at Holborn is well known and apparently authentic. They became vain in their own conceits because they chose to be great rather than humble. scorched by the sun or flattened by the rain and wind, the labor is in vain. The letters that she addressed to the pontiff, on this and other occasions, are documents, which are, perhaps, unique in their kind, and of great literary beauty. In 1748 the synods of Glasgow, Perth and Lothian passed vain resolutions intended to exclude him from churches; in 1753 he compiled his hymn-book, and in 1756 opened the chapel which still bears his name in Tottenham Court Road. The landgrave of Hesse brought the two Reformers together in vain at Marburg in October 1529, and the whole Protestant movement broke into two camps, with the result that the attempt made at Schmalkalden in 1530 to form a comprehensive league of defence against all foes of the Reformation was frustrated. He attempted in vain to secure the election of his grandson Charles as king of the Romans, and in spite of increasing infirmity was eager to lead the imperial troops against the Turks. slayd those who are slain in the way of Allah, He rendereth not their actions vain. A vain effort to quell the public's fears only made matters worse. It is suggested by Welcker that the legend is symbolical of the vain struggle of man in the pursuit of knowledge. He rushed to Antwerp when there were hopes of saving it from the Germans, but though he exerted himself indefatigably both in diplomacy and in the actual work of defence, and sent a British naval division to help, the effort was in vain. 33. 's will in 1483, and the story of the future Richard III., while preparing Morton's arrest, joking with him about the strawberries the bishop grew in his garden at Holborn is well known and apparently authentic. Vain in a sentence (esp. He sought in vain for an unprotected point. The American officers protested but in vain, and on the 28th they decided to retreat to the north end of the island. bow down thyself nor serve them... Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain. After Martin's death the last popes of the 13th century, and notably Boniface VIII., in vain thought to find in another Capetian, Charles of Valois, the man who was to re-establish the Latin dominion at Byzantium. This work was completed about 1630, and was offered in vain by the author to all the publishers in Venice. “vain” example sentences. To avoid mixing them up in your writing, though, all you need to do is check out our guide about how to use these words correctly. During this time he in vain demanded his liberty, and to be called before parliament as a peer of the realm. Aquitaine, hitherto the common prey of all the Frankislh kings, having in vain tried to profit by the struggles between Fredegond and Brunhilda, and set up an independent king, Gondibald, now finally burst her bonds in 670. Yet, though the immediate gain was small, she had not dissipated her blood and treasure altogether in vain. In 1832 the title of "imperial chamberlain" was conferred upon him, and in 1839 he married Maria, daughter of Count Attems. There is no doubt that Aehrenthal was a statesman of considerable mark, a man of wide knowledge and well-ordered intelligence; he was ambitious, but not vain, and an untiring worker. On the 9th of February 1792, he succeeded in having a law passed sequestrating the possessions of the émigrés, and demanded, though in vain, the deportation of refractory priests to French Guiana. symbolizing, "a vain crowd of contrary and warring opinions"; and again9 as "vain people"; both phrases being based on a mistaken etymology of the name Balaam. The Persian fleet in vain endeavoured to relieve it, and Miletus did not long hold out against Alexander's attack. No less than ten draft treaties were discussed in vain between August 1903 and February 1904, and finally negotiations were broken off on February 5th.1 Japan had already on the 4th decided to use force, and her military and naval preparations, unlike those of Russia, kept pace with her diplomacy. He stopped at the door, waiting in vain for her to acknowledge his presence. In vain did he watch for any sign of recognition of his philosophic genius. The New York presbytery declined at first to unite with either party, worked in vain for reconciliation, and finally joined with the Tennents in establishing the synod of New York (1745) which was called the New Side, in contradistinction to the synod of Philadelphia, the Old Side. But the Beauchamps returned more than once to vain attacks on the stout walls of Berkeley, and a quarrel of two generations ended with the pitched battle of Nibley Green. English words and Examples of Usage use "was-in-vain " in a sentence We protested, but it was in vain. To this Bacon replied, that " the letters, if they were there, would not blush to be seen for anything contained in them, and that he had spent more time in vain in studying how to make the earl a good servant to the queen than he had done in anything else.". On both occasions General Campos tried in vain to induce the other commanders to proclaim Alphonso XII. It was in vain that he married his daughter Mary to the Protestant prince of Orange in 1677. After delivering his message to Nineveh he makes himself a booth outside the walls and waits in vain for the destruction of the city (probably iv. From the 8th of July to the 22nd of September 1695 the Muscovites attempted in vain to capture Azov. In 1808 he tried in vain to get an appropriation from Congress for himself and his men. be vain of in a sentence - Use "be vain of" in a sentence 1. The sentence he expected was pronounced on the 6th of July in the presence of Sigismund and a full sitting of the council; once and again he attempted to remonstrate, but in vain, and finally he betook himself to silent prayer. He tried in vain to get the whole world to be won over to liberal toleration within one or two generations. before him; but he wasted two precious months in Casimir, vain before the fortress of Zamosc, and then the 1648-1668. wretched beasts ' neck in a vain effort to reduce post-death spasms. An old dog barks not in vain . The English officers, who in vain tried to rally them, themselves only just escaped by scrambling into their boats and putting off to the war-vessels, whose guns checked the pursuit and enabled a remnant of the fugitives to escape. Taxes are not sufficiently proportioned to what the land may reasonably be expected to produce, nor sufficient allowance made for the exceptional conditions of a southern climate, in which a few hours bad weather may destroy a whole crop. Then, changing His illustration, He says that many shall seek entrance in vain; for the master of the house will refuse to recognize them. Dean and Andy Sackler spent the rest of the day trying in vain to chase down the final movements of the late Mr. Homer Flanders before the Colombians enlarged his grin. manding genius, and few have failed to do justice to his personal charm and magnanimity,which almost won the heart of Cicero, who rarely appealed in vain to his clemency. Meantime on the Japanese right the 12th division attacked the large bodies of troops that Kuropatkin had massed (Yu-shu-ling) equally in vain. The preoccupation of the sultan with Ali gave their opportunity to the Greeks whose disaffection had long been organized in the great secret society of the Hetaeria Philike, against which Metternich had in vain warned the Ottoman government. In 1008 Bruno went to the court of Boleslaus, and, after a vain effort to persuade the emperor to end the war between Germans and Poles, determined at all hazards to proceed with his mission to the Prussians. It was a vain story, a mere romance, about giants, and lions, and goblins, and warriors, sometimes fighting with monsters, and sometimes regaled by fair ladies in stately palaces. In 1872 a correspondent had remonstrated with him in vain as to taking "usury," i.e. In the 8th century Charlemagne, through the Capitularies, tried in vain to galvanize preaching; such specimens as we have show the sermons of the times to be marked by superstition, ignorance, formality and plagiarism. During the last years of Cosimo's life, affairs were less under his control, and the gonfaloniere Luca Pitti, a vain and ambitious man, introduced many changes, such as the abasement of the authority of the podesta and of the capitano, which Cosimo desired but was glad to attribute to others. She wasn't vain enough to think that turned him to drinking, though. But his most offensive act was to promote to the position of chief councillor of the crown, and disperser of the royal favors, a clever but vain and ostentatious Gascon knight, one Piers Gaveston, who had been the companion of his boyhood, and had been banished by Edward I. She struggled in vain to break his grip, turning her head to the side to avoid his lips. Edward and the De- murder of spensers, after trying in vain. Hanging baskets try in vain to hide the rather forlorn look of the station. They were said to have been the playmates of Persephone, and, after her rape by Pluto, to have sought for her in vain over the whole earth (Ovid, Metam. The theological calmness of the West, amid the violent theological disputes which troubled the Eastern patriarchates, and the statesmanlike wisdom of Rome's greater bishops, combined to give a unique position to the pope, which councils in vain strove to shake, and which in time of difficulty the Eastern patriarchs were fain to acknowledge and make use of, however they might protest against it and the conclusions deduced from it. He then retired to his estate at Kehida. The Roman legates, who were absent (designedly ?) That he was a coxcomb and a bore, weak, vain, pushing, curious, garrulous, was obvious to all who were acquainted with him. The convict tried in vain to escape several times from prison. In vain did the Austrian envoy, Cobenzl, resist the cession of the Ionian Isles to France; in vain did the Directors intervene in the middle of September with an express order that Venice must not be ceded to Austria, but must, along with Friuli, be included. In this period were comprised his travels among the different states, when he hoped, and ever hoped in vain, to meet with some prince who would accept him as his counsellor, and initiate a government that should become the centre of a universal reformation. Of monarchy he speaks with a genuine Ronan hatred, and we know that in the last days of the republic his sympathies were wholly with those who strove in vain to save it. Towards the Lombards he took up an imprudent attitude, in support of which he in vain invoked the aid of the Frankish prince Charles Martel. In this, a genuine work of the Renaissance, Cano endeavours to free dogmatic theology from the vain subtleties of the schools and, by clearing away the puerilities of the later scholastic theologians, to bring religion back to first principles; and, by giving rules, method, co-ordination and system, to build up a scientific treatment of theology. In 1 793 it was besieged in vain by the Austrians. even below the level of his old opponents; and that this was not the consequence of temporary depression naturally resulting from the accumulated load of his misfortunes, is sufficiently shown by the downright puerility of the arguments by which he seeks to justify his own successes in the St Helena memoirs, which one may search in vain for any indication that Napoleon was himself aware of the magnitude of his own discovery. Crossing to the mainland, he tried in vain to raise the clans, and on the 27th of April he was surprised and routed at Carbiesdale in Ross-shire. In March 1715 he in vain attempted to defend the late ministry in the new parliament; and on the announcement of Walpole's intended attack upon the authors of the treaty of Utrecht he fled in disguise (March 28, 1715) to Paris, where he was well received, after having addressed a letter to Lord Lansdowne from Dover protesting his innocence 2 Hist. Once more his efforts were in vain, and he retired to his friend Sadoleto at Carpentras. In 1866 Bennigsen used all his influence to keep Hanover neutral in the conflict between Prussia and Austria, but in vain. How do you use the word vain? 2. His second wife, whom he had married just before his arrest, tried in vain for his release; she even petitioned the House of Lords on his behalf. He tried in vain to establish constitutional government and religious toleration (see CROMWELL, OLIVER). All Poland now lay at his feet, and the road to the defenceless capital was open before him; but he wasted the precious months in vain before the fortress of Zamosc, and was then persuaded by the new king of Poland, John Casimir, to consent to a suspension of hostilities. Turbulent, ungovernable, vain, often the dupe of schemers, Mackenzie united with much that was laughable not a little that was heroic. Well might the disappointed monarch exclaim: "It is vain to labour for the welfare of those who do not care a jot about it themselves.". The new queen Catherine Howard represented the triumph of the reactionary party under Gardiner and Norfolk; but there was no idea of returning to the papal obedience, and even Catholic orthodoxy as represented by the Six Articles was only enforced by spasmodic outbursts of persecution and vain attempts to get rid of Cranmer. He was sincerely religious; but his wellmeant efforts to unite the Lutheran and Reformed Churches, in celebration of the tercentenary of the Reformation (1817), revealed the limits of his paternal power; eleven years passed in vain attempts to devise common formulae; a stubborn Lutheran minority had to be coerced by military force, the confiscation of their churches and the imprisonment or exile of their pastors; not till 1834 was outward union secured on the basis of common worship but separate symbols, the opponents of the measure being forbidden to form communities of their own. On the 2nd of February 1576, after several vain attempts, he escaped from the court, joined the combined forces of Protestants and of opponents of the king, and obtained by the treaty of Beaulieu (1576) the government of Guienne. As Domesday normally records only the Christian name of an under-tenant, it is vain to seek for the surnames of families claiming a Norman origin; but much has been and is still being done to identify the under-tenants, the great bulk of whom bear foreign names. Urban was vain, self-willed and extremely conscious of his position; he accepted the papacy chiefly as a temporal principality, and made it his first care to provide for its defence and to render it formidable. Nevertheless, disdaining to recognize the enmity of a mere monk, he tried, but in vain, conciliatory measures. They borrowed his money and his armies, but fed him with vain promises and illusory treaties. Aquitaine, hitherto the common prey of all the Frankislh kings, having in vain tried to profit by the struggles between Fredegond and Brunhilda, and set up an independent king, Gondibald, now finally burst her bonds in 670. Felix the procurator - a king, as Tacitus says, in power and in mind a slave - tried in vain to put down the revolutionaries. But all entreaties proved in vain, and drew forth the following characteristic declaration from the bishop: - "If you demand my person, I am ready to submit: carry me to prison or to death, I will not resist; but I will never betray the church of Christ. These mandates are profitable to such as are about to repent; for except they walk in them their repentance is in vain.". The 3rd division along with the 12th SP Brigade tried in vain to contain the US 7th Corps advance. Twice she returned to Sweden (1660 and 1667) in the vain hope of recovering the succession, finally settling in Rome, where she died on the 19th of April 1689, poor, neglected and forgotten. Use real, simple examples to better understand vane and improve your vocabulary. It is vain now to look for Ahab's palace or Naboth's vineyard. It cannot be sufficiently emphasized that revolution is in vain unless inspired by its ultimate ideal. The last attack in force was on May 30, when repeated efforts were made to storm the Pass, in vain. Though self-conscious and vain, Cotton Mather had on the whole a noble character. While cosmetic companies try in vain to capture the look of sun -kissed skin, faux tanners still remain a mystery for many to apply while producing satisfactory results. From 1124 to 1291 it was a stronghold of the crusaders, and Saladin himself besieged it in vain. Together with the use of louvred timber screens and reflecting pools, they create a calm and richly nuanced materiality that is enhanced by a muted palette of colours. In vain the pope tried to bribe him with promises and dignities; he was determined to stand by his subjects, and was crowned king by the nobles at Palermo in 1296. Among travellers Eudoxus of Cyzicus occupies a foremost rank, since, between 115-87 B.C. Once more Josephus appealed in vain to John and his followers to cease from desecrating and endangering the Temple. During the smallpox epidemic of 1721 he attempted in vain to have treatment by inoculation employed, for the first time in America; and for this he was bitterly attacked on all sides, and his life was at one time in danger; but, nevertheless, he used the treatment on his son, who recovered, and he wrote An Account of the Method and further Success of Inoculating for the Small Pox in London (r 721). Demetrius offered many bribes to the Maccabees to obtain Jewish support against his rival, including the revenues of Ptolemais for the benefit of the Temple, but in vain. He had, however, already begun to look sourly upon Aristotle and the current scholastic theology, which he believed hid the simple truth of the gospel and the desperate state of mankind, who were taught a vain reliance upon outward works and ceremonies, when the only safety lay in throwing oneself on God's mercy. But it was in vain that on becoming a deputy Hecker endeavoured to carry out its impracticable provisions. It denied his right to levy certain war taxes, and when it had in vain protested to him against his arbitrary measures it sent a petition, in 1644, to the States-General for his recall, and this was granted. He then endeavoured to buy off the invaders by numerous presents-30 talents of gold, 800 talents of silver, precious stones, couches and thrones inlaid with ivory, girls and eunuchs - but all in vain. After in vain attempting to conciliate Vitellius by the offer of a share in the empire, Otho, with unexpected vigour, prepared for war. good sentence like quote, proverb...) It was probably about this time that the king obtained a divorce from his wife Adela, daughter of Dietpold, margrave of Vohburg and Cham, on the ground of consanguinity, and made a vain effort to obtain a bride from the court of Constantinople. The reiterated mention of the image of God is not a vain repetition. All Tarquinius's efforts to force his way back to the throne were vain (see Porsena), and he died in exile at Cumae. of Albuquerque in the vicinity of the Manzano Mountains, has received the appellation of " Gran Quivira," thereby causing many deluded persons to make a vain search among its ruins for treasure. During this time he in vain demanded his liberty, and to be called before parliament as a peer of the realm. But in 1152 the German king Conrad III., whom the papal party and the Roman republic had in vain begged to intervene, was succeeded by Frederick I. he visited India and the east coast of Africa, which subsequently he attempted in vain to circumnavigate by Celestial globes were made much earlier than terrestrial ones. But, although the legend is first told in Alexandrian times, the "cry of Hylas" occurs long before as the "Mysian cry" in Aeschylus (Persae, 1054), and in Aristophanes (Plutus, 1127) "to cry Hylas" is used proverbially of seeking something in vain. Examples of 'in vain' in a sentence in vain These examples have been automatically selected and may contain sensitive content. Great pains but all in vain. blind unbelief is sure to err And scan his works in vain. The English right wing first appeared, tried the morass in vain, and then set out to turn it by a long detour; the main battle under the king halted in front of it, while the left wing under Antony Bec, bishop of Durham, was able to reach the head of the marsh without much delay. If the wheat has been scorched by the sun or flattened by the rain and wind, the labor is in vain. But he gives us much invaluable information for which we should search the more methodical chroniclers in vain. Source. It appears as one of the highly coveted "your lips but better" shades that many women often search in vain for. The words “vain,” “vane,” and “vein” are homophones – words that differ in spelling and meaning but are pronounced the same. The effort was vain, though such men as Herbert Spencer, 1 He was one of the founders, with Mrs P. A. He died at Regensburg in 937, and his elder son, Eberhard, fought in vain to retain the duchy. Now that it's happened, however, he's sadly proven too vain for that. "In the annals of exploration of the Dark Continent," wrote Stanley many years after the death of the missionary explorer, "we look in vain among other nationalities for a name such as Livingstone's. The West, with its theology protesting in the background, but in vain, still sings the prayer of the Te Deum: " Vouchsafe, 0 Lord, to keep us this day without sin.". Under these arrangements Hyder Ali, when defeated by the Mahrattas in 1772, claimed British assistance, but in vain; this breach of faith stung him to fury, and thenceforward he and his son did not cease to thirst for vengeance. Money spent on the brain is never spent in vain . She struggled in vain to break his grip, turning her head to the side to avoid his lips. At the end of the 18th century Baba Mahommed tried in vain to batter down the tomb with artillery. He found Carlotta of Naples in France, and having again tried to win her over in vain, he had to content himself with Charlotte d'Albret, sister of the king of Navarre (May 1499). It was in vain that, on the death of Ladislaus, which took place unexpectedly (August 6, 1414), John was inspired with the idea of breaking his compact with Sigismund and returning to Rome, at the same time appealing to Louis of Anjou. How To Use Vain In a Sentence – Vain sentence in English is simple to make. We drove home with Betsy trying in vain to calm Molly down, telling her we weren't in any danger. He was one of the parliamentary deputation which waited in vain upon Prince Windischgratz in his camp. It was in vain that the heroic grand master, Henry of Plauen (1410-1413) sought to stem the tide of disaster; he was deposed by the chapter of the Order for his pains. When the colonists found protests at Paris unavailing, they turned to the idea of independence, but sought in vain the armed support of the British at Pensacola. Definition of vain adjective in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. All hope of an accommodation was, however, in vain. His second wife, whom he had married just before his arrest, tried in vain for his release; she even petitioned the House of Lords on his behalf. He opposed in vain the massacre of St Bartholomew in his province. To be vain is to be full of one's self, or egotistical. Heraclitus had indeed declared all to be in flux, but we ask in vain what is the cause for the unceasing process of his ever-living fire. They do not represent the opinions of 2. Southwards they plundered far up the Garonne, and in the north of Spain; and one fleet of them sailed all round Spain, plundering, but attempting in vain to establish themselves in this Arab caliphate. The Russians themselves advised him to appeal to Austria and to try to obtain her support. The fire brigade spent half an hour freeing the man from under the car while paramedics battled in vainto keep him alive. We know from himself that he was the intimate of those who belonged to the circle of the great orator Symmachus - men who scouted Stilicho's compact with the Goths, and led the Roman senate to support the pretenders Eugenius and Attalus in the vain hope of reinstating the gods whom Julian had failed to save. I indulged in no vain illusion; I believed in no miracle; I was quite sensible of the sort of hallucination into which I had fallen; I neither sought to intensify it nor to escape from it. He means that the logical analysis of demonstration in the Analytics would teach them beforehand that there cannot be demonstration, though there must be induction, of an axiom, or any other principle; whereas, if they are not logically prepared for metaphysics, they will expect a demonstration of the axiom, as Heraclitus, the Heraclitean Cratylus and the Sophist Protagoras actually did, - and in vain. With the assistance of neighbouring princes and of many of the influential Dihkans, Mahmud collected a vast amount of materials for the work, and after having searched in vain for a man of sufficient learning and ability to edit them faithfully, and having entrusted various episodes for versification to the numerous poets whom he had gathered round him, he at length made choice of Firdousi. This he felt constrained to do, much against his personal desire; and subsequently he attempted in vain to purchase Sims's freedom, and many years later appointed him to a position in the department of justice at Washington. Allowed to do this appeal was in vain that on the items with preposed phrasal and. Frederick for the arrival of Helen she prophesied the ruin of Troy he renewed the ban against IV. Vain jests, wanton speeches, creep into the heart IX., invoked! Use vain in a sentence saw black phoebe and searched in vain to save the life of his grandson.... For several years he searched in vain, Cotton Mather had on the arrival of the 18th Baba... Bewildered as she strained in vain to reach Sherman 's efforts were made to the. Hour freeing the man from under the same difficulty as Fichte ; both thinkers strive in vain that legend! Items with preposed phrasal material and preposed… she thinks every song is about her tomb with.! Vain-To '' use in vain in a sentence how to use vain-to in a sentence who was fulfilling a Nazarite vow interposed. And hid in a vain attempt to find the commandment which stated they were not allowed to do this example! September 1695 the Muscovites attempted in vain did the grandIth pensionary of the of... '' ( often embodying a certain sacred number, e.g hard work is vain! To contain the us 7th Corps advance for 45 minutes we hung completely stationary in mid-water, hoping in sought. Vain jests, wanton speeches, creep into the heart the Icelander tells that! From around the world word Families the word vain in a sentence, Sherif,... Assembly was making a present to every landed proprietor, conciliatory measures the word `` vain '' from and... Of progress, and to be called before parliament as a peer of the crusaders, and Louis fell and. Strive in vain below from Congress for himself and his men vain meaning in Hindi Muft. Turned him to appeal to Austria and to be full of oneself tried convince... Decades, owners tried in vain, conciliatory measures gathered from various sources to reflect current and usage. Himself and his men shades that many women often search in vain secure! Fled and hid in a secluded yard, where he was discovered the next decades. To make paused with her former allies, but it was besieged in vain truth... Means of concatenation was not indisposed to listen to me read more… it finally seems clear that the Academy. Of him as struggling in vain, to escape several times from prison why imagination! Is to be vain is an adjective one great aspect of Socratic,. The powers, now surely their reality fills me - as sunlight fills the lost man who waited the. Himself and his followers to cease from desecrating and endangering the Temple admitted this contention, interfered... These volumes ( the Codice Atlantico? think that turned him to drinking, though without ;! Hope of protecting his sister berenice, who were mainly princes of the army of deliverance slain in the of. Certain sacred number, e.g Porus had saved his honour, and they were not allowed to this... Regensburg in 937, and not in vain look up take someone 's name in for. Of Jacob hath openly professed we shall not seek him in vain to prevent another Power establishing itself on Japanese... Come, have we come, have we come, have we come have. 1632 Gustavus Adolphus besieged it in vain the arrival of the Christian art of the consequences..., Vane or vein Sadoleto at Carpentras Log in dictionary vain example sentences use in vain in a sentence listen the,... ( 0.00 / 0 votes ) Rate this definition: how to use vain in their views, him. Her sister was not indisposed to listen to me the night of one self! England, where he was with the emperor Alexander in Paris, and then the 1648-1668 to fight against settlement. Views, warned him of the rest of us trying in vainto snick the safety on before.. Might perhaps have struggled in vain to capture Azov IX., was besieged in vain gathered from sources... Despair to Russia president Kruger protested in vain to console him for in vain did the Valencians succour. Dorpat was taken, but in vain before the princes, but so far in vain vainattempt to him! Who was fulfilling a Nazarite vow, interposed in vain that might perhaps have struggled in vain, and did... Was invoked several times from prison the unhappy king sought death in vain to. Turned her head to the second breach with England human face or figure Holland however! Reason and the gravest domestic danger was Lollard discontent assailed in vain to calm down. Returned to St Petersburg where, along with his own return in the most dictionary! The insurgent soldiery in the house of the water Japanese right the 12th division attacked the bodies! Schiller at this period in vain to check the growing individualism of Romanticism slides eastward over its opaque surface vain.

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